5181 Sargent Road, Gladwin, MI, 49624

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this property listed for?

A: The Double Eagle Ranch is offered at $6,795,000.

Q: Is this property used for commercial hunting?

A: No. The property has never been utilized for commercial hunting. It has been family owned and enjoyed for nearly 30 years. 

Q: What is included in the sale?

A: 2,280 acres, 4 residences with all furnishings, Kubota tractor, dump truck with plow, paddle boat, all maintenance equipment currently at the ranch. This is a turn-key luxury listing.

Q: How large are the lakes?

A: Both private lakes are approximately 20 acres. One of the lakes reach to approximately 65' in depth.

Q: Is there currently a ranch hand?

A: Yes. A full-time experienced ranch hand is on staff. 

Q: How far is the Double Eagle from an airport?

A: The Ranch is approximately 30 minutes from Gladwin Airport.

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